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+About Us

Hi! I´m Antoinette

Since I was a teenager, I've been a spiritual seeker. Seeking the answer to one question: "Why am I the way I am?”.  Decades of study and experience in Five Element Theory, Taoism and Acupuncture, as well as quantum energy theory, bio-functional medicine, shamanism, unity consciousness, and channeling have brought me answers to my question. 

I'm excited to share what I have learned to empower you to find the answers to your questions. I am an energy channel, a trained Taoist Five Element acupuncturist since 1993, and an intensive student of A Course in Miracles since 2009. I work with the assistance of higher consciousness to help people release blocks on their journey to ascension and 5D consciousness.


+ My Approach to Healing

“I believe that all information about how we heal, how our body, mind, and spirit works, and WHY WE ARE THE WAY WE ARE should be made available to everyone IN EASY TO UNDERSTAND ways.


I listen without judgement to your story and witness your energy unfold as you share.  Based upon my observations I then make a recommendation of what services would offer you the most benefit.”

My approach to healing

+ Our Services

Energy Management
and Healing
Paisaje del santuario de agua

Using non-needle acupressure tools, I teach you to use the meridian system within your body to heal yourself on a body, mind, and spirit level.

Spiritual Mentoring
and Guidance
Equilibrio de piedras

I will help you find out what is at the root of your unhappiness and lack of peace.  Together, we will explore what the obstacles are in your mind to a more peaceful relationship with yourself, food, friends, family, work, and health. This work is good for all age groups, from young teenagers to adults.

Healing with Zequiel
Flor flores

I directly channel a loving and benevolent nonphysical being named Zequiel. He has come through to folks in over a thousand private sessions. He provides loving guidance as a teacher of higher-minded truth from other realms of existence. To learn more, go to

+ Clients Love

“I have been trying to heal myself for 40 years.  And it is through your healing work that I finally became able to really make a shift. Thank you so much!”  



+ Contact Us

If my energy resonates with you, please contact me at:


to schedule a session or send me a message below.

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