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When I was 16, I read The Source by James Michener and the The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. Both books deeply changed my life. I read them while laying on the couch recovering from a self-induced eating disorder. I was bored and upset with being a teenager and all that came with it, so I literally nearly killed myself by starving myself. But, I read these two books: both about the same thing....the origin of the mind, life, why we are here, and what we are doing here. They didn't fully answer all my questions but they boosted my spirits and my mind. I continued my search. 


I went to the University of California at Davis to study Nutrition Science. After a number of months in a lab setting in Sweden as an exchange student, I decided lab work was not for me. And I didn't get healed either. I then went to the University of Maryland at College Park to study the Biological Sciences and to become a teacher. Although successful at it, I did not feel fulfilled nor healed.


In the meantime, I had two lovely daughters, Tanya and Mareesa, who have been with me on my journey through thick and thin. 


After that, I pursued a career in the corporate world of specialty and health food brokering. It was exciting and life changing and I traveled a lot through Europe, but I was still unhappy.


Then, I found acupuncture as a patient and after a couple of years, became a student of it at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, Maryland. 


Acupuncture definitely helped me heal on the level of the physical,  mental, and spiritual, and I no longer suffered from disordered eating. 


I practiced Acupuncture and Nutrition in a one-on-one practice from 1993 until 2020. It was life changing and transformational beyond every imagined thought.


During this time, a patient gifted me a book and I became instantly transfixed on studying it -- A Course in Miracles. I could not understand it at all, but I also could not put it down. I carried it everywhere with me as if it had magical powers.


I read it despite no understanding of it and one day another patient suggested I watch YouTube videos of a woman teaching The Course. This was in 2015. I had never even watched a YouTube video. Well, that was Tina Spalding channeling her guides and teachers, a group consciousness called Ananda and Jesus and she was able to use modern language to explain the meaning of the Course principles. I began to use this in my everyday life and my mind expanded and morphed and changed and I began to get the answers to that question I have always been seeking the answer to: "Why am I the way I am?!"


In 2020, I cast my net wide so to speak and moved my practice to a virtual platform of Telehealth. 


In 2022, I let that go and I began my new Spiritual Mentoring practice. Now, I teach people around the world how to use the gifts of the Qi/energy of their own body, mind, spirit to heal themselves and I channel a loving being named Zequiel.  To learn more about my work with Zequiel, please visit

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