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Energy Management & Healing

Using my training and expertise as a Taoist Five Element acupuncturist and student of the biological sciences, I combine my knowledge of the body- mind- spirit complex to help you learn how to use the gifts of your personal energy to heal, grow and evolve. I teach people how to use non-needle acupressure tools and techniques to use their own energy to heal and become whole.


The meridian system of energy is a miraculous system of interlocking channels of qi/energy. That energy is your spark of God/ Love/ Light and is yours to use to play out your soul's destiny path, its lessons, and delights.  By learning about the deep spiritual meaning of these portals /access points in your body, you will learn how to change your mind to align with your spirit. Once you do that, the body then follows with a whole and healed presentation.  This is an art form of healing that I believe should be made available to all people so that they can learn to master their wellness and create it for themselves.

This is a photo of the energy toolkit you will receive as part of your session with Antoinette and that you can use to heal yourself at home.

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